Why Listen To Your Customers?

By Jerry | Sales & Marketing Hacks

Dec 18

Do you want to know the secret to rapid company growth? Listen to your customers! The moment you learn how to value your customers’ opinions over your own, your business will skyrocket.

Why? Because your customers are the most important aspect of your business! You produce products and services that they need and will find valuable.

So the most logical conclusion is to listen to what they have to say.

But be prepared. Not all feedback you receive will be positive. Some will say negative and hurtful words about your products and your company. But don’t be discouraged by them.


These are exactly the kind of feedback you need. You need both good and bad feedback to know what aspects of your business is working and what are not.

When my friend’s sister started a business baking macaroons, she relied on the feedback given by family and friends. In fact, she insisted on it. At first, the feedback were mostly negative. Her macaroons were too hard, too sweet, too soft, too bland, and so forth. She took all the feedback and used them to improve her macaroons. After several back and forth with her critiques, she finally arrived at the perfect macaroon.

Even when she launched her business and had regular customers, she would regularly ask for their feedback. She had review system online where customers can give reviews about her products. Thanks to the countless feedback she received while developing the products, 90% of her reviews are positive. Of course, there would always be the disgruntled customer who’ll leave a negative feedback.

Feedback and reviews are important to any business because they allow you to improve. They give you a glimpse of what your customers want and it becomes your chance to develop something that they will love and stick with.


So how do you get customer feedbacks? Here’s some tips:

1.) Use Facebook. The social media giant is a good way to solicit feedback from customers. You can create a poll to ask them what they think. You can create a Page which has a formal review system. You can simply ask a question in your feed. After all, a lot of people are regularly online in Facebook, use it to your advantage.


2.) Conduct surveys. You can conduct a traditional pen and paper survey. Just determine what questions you want answered and print them on paper. Distribute to your customers and ask them to answer it. If your business is online, create online surveys. There are many websites that allow you to create one for free.


3.) Reward feedback. When your customers are too busy to even care about leaving you any feedback, consider offering a reward. While it may seem like you’re paying for feedback, in reality you are simply rewarding them for their time. Don’t worry. They will still be truthful no matter how large the reward offered.

When you listen to feedback and reviews, and adjust your products and services accordingly, you’d be surprised that you’ll soon be your customers’ number one choice and your business will soar rapidly.