Trello – A Great Tool For Teams

By Jerry | Business Tools

Mar 01

If you’re a visual entrepreneur or manage a team that’s having trouble with organizing their tasks, take a stab at Trello, an excellent project management tool. It’s essentially a website that offers a bird’s eye view of your projects by showing “boards” laid out on the page. Think of it as having a limitless whiteboard where you can place cards that you can drag and drop to other boards.


Within those cards, you can place images, labels, checklists, attachments, notes and share these with your team members. Even if you use it by yourself, it’s extremely helpful since you can have a board for tasks like Marketing, Inventory, Production and more.


Here are some of the many ways you can use Trello:


1. You can use it the way your team works.

Many companies swear by the “Kanban method” when using Trello. This means using a board for each step of the process, like “Planning”, “In Progress”, “Ready For Delivery” and then adding members to specific tasks. If this doesn’t work well for your team, it’s easy to shift to member-specific boards, where each team member is assigned their own board and has tasks under it. The latter method makes it easier for each member to know their exact responsibilities so try that if the first method doesn’t work for your team.


2. Plan your week.

Creating a specific board for your weekly planner is a great way to have an overview of what you need to work on for every day of the week. You can use different colored labels for each client or maybe assign different colors for general tasks.


3. Organizing big projects.

If you’re embarking on a big project like an eBook or developing a new product, breaking it down to smaller and more manageable tasks is very easy to do in Trello. Using the former example, you can create separate boards for each chapter and then create cards listing ideas for each chapter. Say goodbye to being paralyzed by an overwhelming number of tasks once you start using Trello for projects!

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