The Power of Small Wins

By dickburge5273 | Inspirations

Apr 01

Never doubt the power of small wins.

In case you don’t realize it yet,  these small wins show your progress towards your goal. It lets you know you are doing things the right way, motivating you to do better. It boosts your confidence, allowing you to aim for a bigger achievement. That is why it is important to celebrate every single win, whether it’s big or small.




the power of small wins

That is why we bring you #WednesdayWins, wherein you can share the little things you did for your business to the Leapreneur community.

Here are some highlights from the entrepreneurs:

1. One member was anticipating a good outcome for his final pitch to a potential investor.

2. Another member who has long been looking for a driver, finally got one!

3. Another member got a big order – thanks to Facebook advertising.

4. One member successfully learned how to personally make their special empanada.

5. Another member finally went live in Lazada, which led to a steady stream of orders.

Entrepreneur needs a small pat on the back too. Together, let us appreciate every good things that come our way, and believe the power of small wins!

Comment below and let’s encourage each other to celebrate these smalls wins. Remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step!

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