The Leapreneur Book




In A Nutshell

The Leapreneur Book is a practical guide on how to transition from Employee to Entrepreneur. It showcases actual examples and experiences from different entrepreneurs in the Philippines to help employees with useful tips and guides on how to start their own business successfully.


What You Will Learn

In this one-of-a-kind book, you will learn the following, among other things:
• What are the safer businesses for first-time entrepreneurs in the Philippines
• Should you buy a franchise or start your own business
• How to evaluate a business idea like a seasoned Entrep using our “Leapreneur Risk Assessment Format”
• How to minimize losses when starting a business
• How to manage your work and part-time business
• How to overcome the birth pains of a business
• When to throw in the towel and give up on your business idea
• When is the right time to quit your job and become a full-time entrepreneur
• What to expect after resigning from your job
• How to get support from your family and friends


Why the Leapreneur Book is Different

This book is not about theories, but rather practical tips and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. It is a one-of-a-kind book with “Case in Point” sections where real stories of entrepreneurs are highlighted to reinforce the topic being discussed.

The book is easy to read and guaranteed not to bore you.




 What Readers are Saying

“I am not an avid reader of business books in general. But the 2 books I liked reading was Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and this book. When I was reading Leapreneur, I couldn’t put it down because it’s so interesting. The “Case-in-Point” sections are full of wisdom and give me sneak peeks about what’s going on with other businesses.”
— Jans Mendoza,


“The book gives you everything you need to know about getting into business. I have never seen an entrepreneur book that is full of real experiences such as this. It’s a very cheap tuition fee for learning how to start a business (versus committing the same mistakes). 10 out of 10!
— Mark Asilo,


“As an aspiring entrepreneur, the book gives me a lot of motivation realizing that Jerry went through the same struggles that I’m experiencing now. I know that if I follow his tips and strategies, I will be a successful entrepreneur someday like him.”
— Crisan Ganelo, Aspiring Entrepreneur



Philippine Edition:

Hardcopy (Colored Inside Pages) –  P599.00 (Plus P100 shipping fee within Philippines only)




Amazon Edition:


E-Book Kindle Edition11.99 USD

Hardcopy (B&W Inside Pages) – International Shipping – 14.90 USD