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You've just found the most useful entrepreneurship site in the Philippines that will help you take the leap from employee to entrepreneur!

Here's our suggested next steps to help you out:

1.) Take Leapreneur Self-Assessment Test (LST)

The first step in starting a business is doing a self-assessment to check whether you have the qualities similar to successful entrepreneurs. Though these qualities are not absolute and does not guarantee that you will succeed in your first business, at least it gives you more confidence as you begin your entrepreneurship journey, knowing that you have what it takes.

So take this short Leapreneur Self-Assessment Test (LST) to know whether you have the same qualities of successful entrepreneurs.

The 20 questions will just take 5-min of your time.

2.) Attend the FREE Training on "How To Start A Successful Business (even without any experience)

Ready to start your entrepreneurship journey? WAIT! Attend the FREE training first so you'll be prepared to start your journey as an entrepreneur.

3.) Read Jerry's Notes

Jerry's Notes is my bite-sized lessons about life and entrepreneurship. I don't want you to get overwhelmed so I'm posting my lessons daily (from Monday to Friday), to summarize each lesson that I learned in my 15 years of being an entrepreneur in a short and concise post.

Learn and be inspired every day with Jerry's Notes!

There are so much more here in the Leapreneur Community. But for now, these are just the first steps that we want you to take.

See you inside the Leapreneur Facebook Group! 🙂