Social Media 101

By Jerry | Sales & Marketing Hacks

Mar 29

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the term “social media”? Is it Facebook? Twitter? YouTube? You might be a bit surprised to learn that social media isn’t contained to networking sites like those. Social media is all about the interaction of several groups of people using tools specifically made for communication. Just like technology, the scope of social media is always changing and right now, it refers to the virtual networks that we’re used to. It’s now so universal that it’s become a critical part of the business world.

Here are some basic tips that you should look into to increase online traffic to your social profiles and website:

1.    Choose social media networks that work best for your company and audience. In the Philippines, most consumers love to flock to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for their social updates and they frequent ecommerce sites for quality deals. If your company is focused on retail, then it would be best to initially prioritize your time and effort to those sites over others like YouTube and LinkedIn.

2.    Ensure that all the vital information that customers should know is on the first page of your website and social profiles. List your location, contact details and a short description of your company. A professional profile picture, like your company logo, should be front and center as well.

3.    If you choose to create pages on several social networks, make sure that all the information is up to date and has a consistent image. This will strengthen your brand and lead to more customers.

4.    Work on naturally building an audience by providing great, quality content that brings value to your customers. Updating regularly and making sure to reply to customer inquiries will greatly help to attract more followers.

5.    Go the extra mile when promoting your products on social media. Several other companies are trying to grab the exact audience that you want so you should be extra creative. Think of fun captions to put on eye-catching image posts. Uploading videos is also a great way to get more views and fans.