Simple Ways to Reach your Target Market

By Jerry | Sales & Marketing Hacks

Jan 15

It’s not hard to reach people who will find your business beneficial and attractive. Marketing to them doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Here are several effective marketing ideas that when implemented will surely give your business a boost.


Tip 1: Go to organization meetings

Find out where your target market hangs out. If they attend organizations or groups, plan to attend such meetings. Mix and mingle and forge professional networks. You’ll get a glimpse about their likes, needs and wants and along the way gain connections that will prove beneficial to your business.


Tip 2: Offer to become a speaker to a meeting or a conference

Share your knowledge to your target market. Give something valuable to them and for sure they will remember you and view your business with high regard. When the time comes that they need your services or your product, they will naturally come to you. If you’re offering consultation services, you don’t have to tell them everything you know. Just give them a small taste or preview of what they’ll get when they engage with you. The same if you offer a product. A small preview is often enough to get your market hooked.


Tip 3: Place ads in publications your market reads

The best way to reach your target market is to be present where they are present. This includes any publications or websites they usually read or visit. Publications like magazines often have online copies as well as hard copies. You can advertise in both. Advertising here can be a bit expensive though depending on the reach of the publication so be careful that you are indeed targeting the correct audience.


Tip 4: Organize a teleclass (or a webinar)

If you’re not confident speaking in public but still has something to offer your audience, you can host a teleclass often called a webinar. Offer it initially for free in order to attract a sizeable number of audience. Eventually, if they find huge benefits from your teleclass you can charge a small fee for future teleclasses. It’s a good source of passive income. You just need to make sure you have a good bridge line, which is usually inexpensive to rent, in order to host your class. The names you get from the attendance can also be added to your mailing list.


Tip 5: Write a blog.

A blog is a great way to reach your target audience. Make sure to write regular content either weekly or monthly that is related to the subject matter your target market will find interesting. Of course it must also relate to your business. Research the topics properly and add some pizazz to get your audience excited. Make sure you’re excited too so your audience will be too. Don’t forget to use the right keywords so search engines can properly find the content in your blog.


Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Today, there are many ways to reach your target audience. Try the marketing ideas above and let us know which worked for you.