How Sharing of Knowledge Can Be A Good Business

By Jerry | Part-time Business Ideas

Feb 27

Your profits aren’t limited to simply selling your products online. If you’ve been involved in your business for a significant amount of time, then it goes without saying that you’ve been adding to your expertise in the field. You might be surprised at how knowledgeable you actually are compared to the ordinary citizen since you’ve been dealing with your business regularly. Use this to your advantage by selling your expertise online in any of these forms:


1.    Create How-To Videos

Thanks to YouTube, sharing videos with the world can be done in a few minutes tops. Many studies have shown that “how to” is one of the most popular search terms on both YouTube and Google. You can then frame your video around this by thinking about some of the common questions that you get from your customers. For example, if you run a bakery, a great video could be “how to bake red velvet cupcakes in five steps”. Make it as informative and entertaining as possible then add relevant contact information about your business or expertise in the description.


2.    Write eBooks

Publishing eBooks might take a little bit more time than other options, but high returns are very likely if you go this route. It’s been proven that people around the world are willing to pay for a book by experts who share their knowledge. If you make and sell your own jewelry, you could sell many eBooks on how to create your own designs while on a budget. You can even create different books for different skill levels. Just make sure that the content provides value.


3.    Offer Paid Newsletters

This tip is for businesses who have already established an official website and run a blog. While free newsletters are the norm, many websites offer premium newsletters that offer discounts, provide special industry-specific tips, and updated news about your products and services.