4 Priorities of a Successful Businessman

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Aug 14

As an entrepreneur, one of the many duties that you have to deal with is investing constant time in your business. This is to make sure that you are on the right path; aligned according to the vision that you have set. But aside from your goal to successfully grow your business, it is also important that you know what other things to prioritize.

Here are four things that you, as an entrepreneur, should also consider to put into your priorities while busy building your way into successful business, from Mr. BJ Manalo, Owner of CASLI Industries and Services:


1. Time for your family

Family first.” Cliché as it may sound, this saying would never be too old to use. Some entrepreneurs’ main reason as to why they decided to take the leap from being an employee to being a business owner is because of their family. Your family gives you the drive to work harder, especially when you are not just a regular member, but mainly the family provider. It gives you the passion to do better, knowing that there are people who are depending on you.

Being “the boss” is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Sure, you have more than a hundred things to do in order for you to climb your ladder of success, but also remember that you are the own boss of yourself; you can always slow down at times.

Bear in mind that time is limited, and spending some extra quality moment with your loved ones wouldn’t hinder your goals for your company. If anything else, it could bring you a lot closer to them. It definitely feels good to know that at the end of the day, you have people on your back to love and support you.

2. Love for your employees

Your employees, the backbone of your company as they say. Without them, your company wouldn’t run. Knowing that your business is running accordingly, even when you are not physically around, gives you the peace of mind, doesn’t it? True enough, many entrepreneurs consider the people who work for them as their greatest asset.

As a boss, it is important that you recognize them and make them feel that they are part of the company. Don’t forget to appreciate their efforts and acknowledge their success how little it may be. Showing them that you actually care would give them the fulfillment of how much they are being valued. Remember, happy workers also means happy and successful business.

Trusting your employees is never wrong, but also remember to always put the right people in the right positions. When acquiring the right ones, always look for character and skills; pick someone who is well trained, with positive characteristics such as trustworthy and disciplined. Most importantly, always go for workers with good disposition in life as they would likely have the same outlook towards their jobs. Knowing that you have these kinds of people around you makes business so good and quite an experience, right?


3. Relationship with your clients and business associate

Every businessman would arguably nod and agree to consider their clients as the bloodline of their companies. Clients are one of the most important factors in starting, as well as sustaining, a business. Every customer’s opinion is crucial as it gives you the idea of how are you going to course your next steps; what are the improvements that need to be done to satisfy them. In order to get the satisfaction in knowing what’s on your clients’ minds, it is very important to build and maintain a good working relationship with them.

Spending time, not just for business purposes, and building a connection with the people you are doing a business with is very important. Show the people you work with, from your customers, suppliers, up to your other business associates, that you genuinely want to establish a friendship with them, so they could also trust you.

Developing a relationship with these people; making small gestures such as simply asking how they are, or calling them to show that you really are concerned with what is happening to them, is also a way of serving your clients. Aside from the fact that it strengthens your business relationship with one another, it could also give both of you a new opportunity to work together in a new level.

4. Your development as a person

Entrepreneurs are also considered as the ship captain in a company. Without them to direct and guide their employees, the company will sink. And as it goes, there are numerous casualties, a number of people who are working and depending on their jobs, which will go with it. This is why as a business owner, it also important to give time to prioritize the development of oneself.

As someone who has the heftiest responsibility in the company, you are expected to give your hundred and one percent self to your work and to your people. But o quote one of our mentors, Mr. BJ Manalo, “Fill your jar first before you pour in the glasses that you have to fill in”.   So, here are two tips that you may consider to do to help you develop yourself, as well as your soul:

  1. Make sure to pray and to read the Bible  This serves not just as an inspiration, but mainly as your direction; not just when it comes to business but also in life.
  2. Train yourself to become disciplined Always remember that when it comes to business, there is a lot of competition; but the real competition that you have to deal first is yourself. Being internally driven is a big factor because as an entrepreneur, you set your own goal. Training yourself to be disciplined is important so you can fully give yourself.

In business, always keep in mind to grab the opportunity given and take every opportunity wisely. But alongside with your desire to develop your company, don’t also forget to consider the other important things that may help you enjoy your experience as you go to your way to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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