Session 2: How Potato Corner was Conceptualized on a Tissue Paper

By Jerry | Leapreneur Insights

Nov 11

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A Glimpse of What You Will Learn in this Session:

1.)  How Potato Corner was conceptualized on a tissue paper

2.) How your inadequacies in life can help you cultivate the entrepreneurial mindset

3.) How you can handle your fear of starting a business

4.) How you can make business partnerships work

5.) How you can measure your true success

Plus many, many, more…


TRIVIA: Why does the mascot of Potato Corner have 4 strands of hair?  Listen to the session to find out why.




Web_Session-2-01Jorge Noel Wieneke is one of the founders of Potato Corner, and the founder of Tokyo Tempura, food cart business selling tempura, and Kalye Negosyo, an advocacy helping micro entrepreneurs such as sari-sari store owners, build their businesses.


The Brainchild

In 1992, Jorge became anxious in the advertising industry and wanted to have his own business for his growing family. With the demand for studio houses, he opened a studio rental called The Warehouse with his best friend, Danny Bermejo. Unfortunately, the studio was burn down after a year of good operations. The incident became a minor setback in Jorge’s life, who later on made a major comeback with Potato Corner as his brainchild.

Inspired by the flavored popcorn business of a friend, Ricky Montelibano, Jorge figured the idea of having flavored fries while on a Holy week vacation with his family.  He wrote this business idea on a tissue paper.  He then pitched the idea to Danny Bermejo, and eventually brought in Ricky Montelibano and Jose Magsaysay to execute the-then plan, written on a tissue paper.

The combination of the four was a perfect formula. Jorge’s concept, Danny’s perseverance, Ricky’s know-how in food cart and leasing, and JoMag’s knowledge in operations were the keys to the success of the first Potato Corner outlet in October 1992.


His Comeback

After years in Potato Corner, Jorge decided to sell out his shares and change his career path.  He became a business consultant for his fellow entrepreneurs. And later on, he joined the academe and taught in the Ateneo.

Missing the excitement, Jorge returned in action in 2012 when he established another food cart business, Tokyo Tempura.  He later on formed his advocacy program, Kalye Negosyo, which helps micro entrepreneurs at the grass roots level, build their businesses.


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