Online Selling in the Philippines

By Jerry | Business Tips

Oct 10

Thanks to the internet, Pinoys are experts at e-commerce and have been able to become entrepreneurs at little cost. Right now, classified ads websites like, and others are proof of its success. Free accounts allowed for a healthy marketplace and user feedback helped account holders build reputations as trusted buyers or sellers. Unfortunately, there are limitations to what you can post and ultimately, the site can take down your ad if you violate any rule. This is still a great avenue to explore if you don’t have a physical location or you want to market your business for free.


1.    Know where and when to post.

While OLX and eBay are the most popular sites for selling products, uploading ads to niche-specific sites might prove to be more successful. If you buy and sell electronics, try posting on Renting out a room? Go to Research where your target buyers are and post there to see best results. Make sure to post your ad during peak internet hours for your market so you can make sure the ad is seen.


2.    Visuals matter.

If you ask buyers which type of ad they would trust, they would pick the one with a better photo. Visuals mean a lot because it gives the buyer a good impression of how the product will look like once they have it in their hands. Blurry photos are a no-no and it’s best to add shots of multiple angles so the customer is well-informed about what they’ll be receiving.


3.    Customer satisfaction is key.

Asking for feedback after every transaction is a great way to build your online reputation. Try your best to reply within an hour of every message and be early to meet-ups. Double check all the items you’re about to ship so you can avoid problems.


Even if you do your best to deliver on promised timeframes though, sometimes it’s unavoidable that a late shipment will take place. To avoid having a dissatisfied customer, try your best to make up for it by adding in a “freebie” or waiving the delivery charge. Showing your customers that you value them will result in repeat business and most importantly, word-of-mouth recommendations.