One Step at A Time

By dickburge5273 | Inspirations

Apr 28

Success doesn’t come over night. It happens one step at a time.

Setting smaller goals allows you to complete your tasks faster and accurately. The smaller the steps, the more progress you get. It makes your goal more manageable and easier to accomplish. It keeps you focused. And most importantly, it helps you achieve that big accomplishment you dream of, in small chunks.

Unfortunately, we fail to appreciate these tiny wins (most of the time). This is why created #WednesdayWins, so that the members of the Leapreneur community can take some time to celebrate their small wins along with other aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs. Because in Leapreneur, we believe that every small win is a BIG STEP towards your entrepreneurship dream!

one step at a time


Here are some highlights from the entrepreneurs:

1. Michael Bautista was able to fund a small goat farm in Tagaytay to start a small business.

2. Brandon Midel flew to Hong Kong yesterday to close an investment deal.

3. M Rose Gat has officially launched its Facebook account!

4. Lynn Libo-on is now offering zero trans-fat for her Yema spread business.

5. Mary Anne Lu briefed her cook who will help her with the menu ideas for her restaurant business.

Entrepreneur needs a small pat on the back too. Together, let us appreciate every good things that come our way, and believe the power of small wins!

Comment below and let’s encourage each other to celebrate these smalls wins. Remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step!