Why You Need a Business Coach

By dickburge5273 | Business Tips

Sep 05

Have you experienced attending series of full-day business seminar, only to leave the room with vague ideas and theories on how to execute your business plan? Whether you are an entrepreneur or aspiring to be one, choosing the right mentor or business coach that will get you results, is one of the most critical decisions you’ll make in your entrepreneurial journey.


A Learning Community

Joining online business coaching is one of the most convenient alternatives for part time and full time entrepreneurs, who are seeking for a step-by-step process to solve their business dilemma.

Leapreneur, a growing online community, launched its business coaching packages recently to help aspiring and entrepreneurs in their business endeavours. Indeed, there’s no instant success in business. Even the Leapreneur founder himself, Jerry Ilao has failed several times before he found his niche and success as a serial entrepreneur.

“I didn’t consider my P1 Million as losses, but rather, they were my Tuition Fees in learning how to start a successful business,” he said.


The online platform is designed to make learning a seamless and self-paced process.  On their exclusive Facebook group, members share their excitement to a massive of resources and mentoring they receive. An interactive weekly session called, #MentoringMonday offers valuable insights from experienced entrepreneurs, who speak from real life experiences that will help members avoid costly mistakes and common pitfalls on a specific type of business.

Jae Nejudne, a 21 year old freelance graphic artist and an aspiring entrepreneur, strongly recommends the program to all aspiring entrepreneurs looking for a business idea.

I always look forward to the live discussions every Monday, because of the free learnings and timely information that is shared to the members. Leapreneur is very helpful, especially for the aspiring entrepreneurs na hindi alam kung saan magsisimula,” she said.


Leapreneur also equips its members with productivity tools (#ToolDayTuesday), acknowledges small milestones (#WednesdayWins), and shares fascinating business trivia (#TriviaThursday), and timely news (LeapreNews).





The Need For Business Coach


An employee juggling his full time job and starting his own business doesn’t have the luxury of time to attend a seminar that will provide him the right answers catered to his business problems. More often, seminars are costly, tight in schedule and topics may not directly help one’s business concerns.

Seeking help from a business coach is the fastest way to learn, because you are able to get mentoring from someone who already paid the price of experience. Small business owners can get the most from business coaching as they are given the knowledge that they can readily apply to their situation thus, reduces costs and increases their productivity. Unlike seminars, the online coaching allows you to focus on what is really important to grow your business without leaving you feeling overwhelmed with theories and concepts.


Business Coaching Tailored For You


Leapreneur offers three coaching packages created to fit your individual coaching needs:

  • Gratis
  • Starter Package
  • Full Blast Package





Gratis Package includes a weekly newsletter and access to the Leapreneur Private Facebook Group that enables you to participate in #MentoringMonday and learn from the different resources curated to the members for free.


Now, if you are ready to turn that idea into a thriving business, the Starter Package (P415/month) provides essential resources for startups to deliver a business plan effectively. A monthly Mastermind Group assists you with the problem areas you are challenged with. Be equipped with the collection of business principles that is easily accessible through a mobile application. Be on top of your game by listening to exclusive in-depth interviews with the country’s leading entrepreneurs through the Leapreneur Insights Podcast. Aside from these, a digital copy of Leapreneur book and 10% discount from their online shop products will surely give you a great deal.


The Full Blast Package (1665/month) is ideal for entrepreneurs looking for an intensive coaching. Aside from the benefits from the Starter package, you will receive a 1-on-1 exclusive online coaching with Jerry Ilao himself. As a business owner, this is the most convenient option that saves you time and effort as you can work directly with the business coach, to tailor the program that suits your needs. Added to these perks is the privilege to choose 3 business templates of your choice and a 20% discount on Leapreneur online shop.


If you are part time entrepreneur on a tight schedule, business coaching surely fits your needs in the most interactive and seamless learning environment. Whether you decide to try the Starter package or Full blast package, you can be assured you will find all the perks beneficial in growing your business. Don’t miss the 30% early bird discount and be part of the growing community of entrepreneurs!



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