Making the Most of Free Online Marketing

By Jerry | Sales & Marketing Hacks

Mar 20

Advertising online shouldn’t be the only avenue to rely on to spread the word about your company. While sharing promotional posts on Facebook, Instagram and other social media profiles or publishing ads on OLX are common tasks on Pinoy marketers’ lists, there are several ways that have been proven to be more natural, organic, and best of all, effective.


1.    Find out your demographics and focus on speaking to them.

This is especially important when your company is on social media. When you know the largest percentage of people who follow you, you have a general idea of the type of people that choose your company.


For example, if you’re involved in interior design and your audience is mostly composed of women, then setting up a Pinterest page is your best bet. If you have products that cater to teenagers, then focus on creating visual content that you can upload to Instagram, Vine or YouTube.


2.    Share your expertise.

Everyone wants valuable content. When you share things that add value to your customers’ lives and are relevant to your industry, you’ll quickly build your brand’s credibility. This is where your knowledge of your company is extremely helpful. Whether you’re selling baked goods or running a day spa, you most likely have a lot of expertise that you can share with future customers.


Writing helpful blogs, posting shareable images and uploading informative videos are great ways to boost your brand. You’ll be able to drive traffic to your profiles and website at practically no cost at all.


3.    Seek out your own “super users”.

Because of the social web, it’s becoming more and more obvious that the users are now in control of how your brand is viewed. It’s important to use this to your advantage by looking for customers on social media who are involved or know a lot about your industry and reaching out to them. Offering them discounts to check out your products and services or sending them samples is a great way to get valuable endorsements from trusted sharers.