Make Small Achievements Count

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Apr 27

Sometimes, we are too obsessed in achieving great things, that we forget to make the small achievements count. Sadly, we fail to appreciate these small success. And at the end of the day, we feel demotivated because we think we completely failed. But this wouldn’t be the case if we learn to pay attention to our small achievements. After all, the big success  is composed of pieces of small wins.

It’s okay to dream big and think big. But don’t forget to start small, and appreciate every small things you’ve done and make these wins count.


Make the small achievements count

That is why we bring you #WednesdayWins, wherein members of our Leapreneur community share their wins of the week.

Here are some highlights from the entrepreneurs:

1. Brandon Midel was able to convince a reputable law firm to represent them with the investment deal they closed in Hong Kong. And so instead of paying them fees, they agreed to offer their service in exchange for equity.

2. Lynn Libo-on finally got the official container for her yema spread business, after 6 months of searching for the perfect jar.

3. Sony Tang was able to establish some sold equipment to some clients and is working in his way to establishing good feedback and support for them.

4. Chriszy Bandong signed a contract with Skyjet.

5.  Christina Ang helped a friend lower their estate tax. She hopes that her proposal for consultancy retainership will be accepted.

Entrepreneur needs a small pat on the back too. Together, let us appreciate every good things that come our way, and believe the power of small wins!

Comment below and let’s encourage each other to celebrate these smalls wins. Remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step!

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