#4 – Make Your Commute Time Productive

By Jerry | Jerry's Notes

Jan 08

Happy Sunday Leapreneurs! Here’s my notes for today. 🙂

Traffic jam is an inevitable part of our lives. You can either complain about it or use it to become productive.

On our way to our farm yesterday, a bad traffic greeted us in SLEX (see picture below). Initially, I was upset (who wouldn’t?)!

But after a while, I realized it’s a PERFECT TIME to LEARN something new.


I opened my Podcasts App and then began to listen to my favorite podcast shows. And before I knew it, we already arrived in the farm and I made the 2-hr drive productive!

How about you? Are you using your commute time to improve yourself? Or are you consumed by the hatred over the traffic?

You can let podcasts or audiobooks ease the pain of being stuck in traffic. Imagine what you can learn in 2 hours EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Check out “The Smart Passive Income” of Pat Flynn and “The Tim Ferriss Show” of Tim Ferriss (author of the 4-hour Workweek) to get you started with podcasts. Once you get comfortable, search other podcast shows that interests you.

Oh, by the way, do I have to mention podcasts are totally FREE!? 🙂

Hope this helps. COMMENT below if you have any questions.

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