#33 – Learn to Upsell

By dickburge5273 | Jerry's Notes

Mar 02

The other day, I talked about increasing sales by selling more to our customers via product bundles.

Now, I want to share another strategy of implementing it by encouraging customers to buy more or buy the high-priced version of the same product.

You might probably be heard this dozens times, “Gawin na po ba nating large yung drinks and fries?”

Once you say yes to that question, their revenue for that transaction suddenly increases by 10%-30%.

In 2012, we tried this concept of upsell when we introduced our 4+1 promo. Instead of selling bottled inks individually, customers can purchase 4 bottles and they will get an additional one for FREE.

It instantly increased our sales of bottled inks by at least 30% because instead of just buying 1 or 2 bottles, they go for the promo coz “sayang ng free!”

Actually, we got the inspiration from San Miguel years ago when they introduced San Mig Light Bucket. And since then, they never looked back.

So, are you also using upsells in your business? Tell us your experience so far.