#43 – Just Ask!

By marylousligo40 | Jerry's Notes

Apr 04

Yesterday, Mark Asilo of Energos, Myne, Inc. and Kanvas shared with us his tips on getting the best deals from suppliers during our Leapreneur #MentoringMonday session.

One of his recurring advise is simply “Just Ask!”

Because if you don’t ask, the answer will always be a “No!”

But if you ask, there’s a possibility of getting a “Yes.” If you got a “No,” just lick your wound and move on.

One if his examples was, he’s asking his oil supplier to give him a Mitsubishi L300 for FREE so he can improve his delivery time to customers, which in turn, will increase his supplier’s sales.

He has yet to push it some more but who knows, he might get it someday. 🙂

But how should you ask?

Mark says that you should just try to joke about it. They can laugh because it’s a joke. But at same time, you also get your point across without making the conversation too serious.

I think it’s a good reminder to all of us who might be afraid or shy to negotiate and ask for what we want.

Remember, negotiating is a handy skill for entrepreneurs. Whether we are getting the best deals from our suppliers or convincing a potential investor, we have to do our best to negotiate.

So if you want something, just ask for it!

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