Jerry’s Notes

#56 – Only The First Million

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Someone once told me that... ONLY the first million is hard to make. After you made your first million, things will be a lot easier! So when I started my business, I set my eyes on getting that milestone. I ...
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August 1, 2017

#55 – Understand The Price Cliff

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Last night, I shared with my students in the Startup Blueprint Masterclass the 10 Pricing Strategies that I use in our different businesses... It was a very interesting discussion that changed their perspective about pricing. 🙂 One of the concepts I ...
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July 19, 2017

#54 – Use The Power of Free

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Who wants free products? Everybody! That's why many marketing books were written solely on the concept of giving away free products and services. One of the books, Predictably Irrational, describes a series of simple experiments that offered chocolates – at ...
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July 13, 2017

#53 – Advertise In Facebook

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In 2008, I started playing with Facebook. I instantly liked how easy it is to use and how it enables me to connect with my friends and family members. Grabe, walang sinabi si friendster that time, hehehe. 🙂 Little did I ...
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July 5, 2017

#52 – Reprimand Employees in Private

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One of the common fears of new entrepreneurs is managing employees. How do you motivate them? How do you correct their mistakes without them feeling that you are picking on them? Well, it's really hard to manage employees and deal ...
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June 27, 2017

# 51 – Make Them Look Good

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Do you want to put your brand in the mall? Yesterday, I posted a photo of our Leapreneur member, Ton, who opened his first-ever branch is SM North Edsa for his company, RedSplash. For a first-time entrepreneur (and still working ...
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June 27, 2017

# 50 – Importance of Check and Balance

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IT'S been a while since I shared my last JerrysNotes. Pasensya na... I got sooo busy in the past few weeks. But things are getting back to normal now, so here's the next note... As entrepreneurs, we normally have the ...
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June 14, 2017

#49 – Use Retail Stores as Advertisements

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It's a huge investment to open a retail store. We need to pay for the rental deposit, hire people, stock up inventory, and even get a contractor to construct the store or kiosk. Then, operating it is also not an ...
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May 16, 2017

#48 – Sell Online

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Last year, I was looking for a steel cable that I will use to build my own DIY zipline in our farm. But I didn't know where to get it... So just like what most people do these days when ...
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May 12, 2017

#47 – Build the Right Company Culture

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The easy way to manage your business is to cultivate the company values in your employees and build the right culture. Why? Because when you have established the company values and the right culture, you don’t have to constantly remind ...
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May 2, 2017