#42 – Get The Right Domain For Your Website

By | Jerry's Notes

Apr 12

Are you thinking of putting a website for your business?

It’s a challenging exercise to find a good domain name or web address that’s still available, isn’t it?

Your domain name or URL is your address online, so I cannot over-emphasize its importance.

It will also be placed in your marketing collaterals and will be part of your overall branding, so you better have to get it right the first time!


First and foremost, avoid getting free subdomains like www.yourname.wordpress.com.

You can get domains now for as low as P500 per year so invest on it. It’s going to be worth it!

Second, you might be tempted to get fancy extensions like .ly, .io, .store, or maybe other extensions like .net or .asia

My advice?

Stick with .com especially if you have a plan of going international. If you don’t, you can get the .ph extension.

Most people are familiar with .com and that’s their default extension when searching for a website.

The .ph is also now getting more popular in the Philippines so it’s also a good alternative (though it’s more expensive at about $35 per year).

Personally, I don’t want to confuse our customers with those fancy or unknown extensions.

Given that customers are bombarded with countless brands every single day, sticking to what they are familiar with helps them remember our website better.

But they can just search Google if they forget our URL, right?

Yes. But that also means it’s an opportunity for our competitor to steal our visitor, especially if they advertise in Google Adwords or if they are good with SEO.

So for me, better safe than sorry. I’ll stick with .com or .ph (or as a last resort, .com.ph)

What are your thoughts on this? Please share them below.

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