Innovation in Information Technology

By Jerry | Business Tips

Sep 18

Nowadays the world is all about innovation, everything we have breathes innovation and that too disruptive one! The field of IT is the cornerstone of this innovation. Let’s compare the world with and without creativity!

Back in the days when the word automation was non-existent people used to do everything manually. Be it cutting grass or doing calculation, it was all tedious process with same routine repeated everyday which made the life dull, slow and unpleasant but with the advent of technology or I should say when the little gadget called transistor came in this world, everything changed!

It was just a creative experiment by a scientist who was crazy enough to follow his passion. Little he knew that his invention would result in creation of supercomputers, augmented reality, holography, big data, analytics, search engines etc.

The life of an IT specialist is all about tackling new array of problems and nailing them with his creativity. They would try every possible combinational logic, would use codes in multitude of ways and develop algorithms around the problem to solve it.

When we talk about life of a digital artist, it’s all about using the canvas to illustrate the given information is the most visually appealing way possible. They would play around with colors, laws of aesthetics and make full use of technology at hand combined with their artistic prowess, they create a masterpiece.

The game developers share somewhat similar story as they would create environments, design characters, develop storyline and make sure that user experience is throttled to full ignition.

When we delve in the bit of hardware part, we see awesome gadgets all around us with so many features at such affordable price that it becomes almost irresistible for us to ignore them. Be it the latest iPhones, Apple watches, Mac books or wearables like Google glass or Holo Lens we see the IT evolving creatively and influencing our day to day lifestyle.

The creativity doesn’t end here. The IT has reduced to paperwork to zero and has digitized everything for us and brought countless applications on our finger tips. If we want anything done, all we need is to tap or swap fingers on our smartphones.

Recently, we have seen creative technologists disrupting the IT sector with their solutions. Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram all made waves globally. What started with just a dial up connection, DSL and evolved to 3G and 4G internet. With brands working on Wi-Fi and hotspots, the founder of Facebook announced his vision of giving world free internet called

The people consider the current developments as the zenith of technology but rest assured that this just the tip of an iceberg. The way the world is advancing in the field of IT is truly amazing, we have to keep upgrading ourselves with the pace else we would be left far behind in this race.