Importance of Perseverance and Hardwork

By Jerry | Starting A Business

Nov 05

Small businesses have limited resources, very little capital and tight deadlines to meet yet they are able to make a difference in the community.

I think the biggest strength of a small business is the spirit of perseverance and hard work, such that they are willing to put in their time, money and resources and even reach a point of failing fast repeatedly until they succeed.

Entrepreneurs, by definition are the rebels, non-conformists who defy the traditional way of doing things and challenge the status quo by defining a new and better way of doing things.

In this process, they face numerous challenges, such as unfavorable sales, increasing expenses, managing difficult employees, customer complaints, rejection, etc.  Yet, they keep moving…

This process of failing again and again and continuing despite the seemingly insurmountable challenges is what can be called Entrepreneurial behavior. Very few entrepreneurs became instant millionaires on their first try.  So their success really came from series of trials and errors.


It is often the story of every entrepreneur and an important ingredient to be successful because being in business is not a walk in the part.  Oftentimes, entrepreneurs are unaware of the territory in which they are venturing into.  They target a niche market, penetrate it, and adjust their business model until they hit it right!


This attitude of being able to keep improving, trying repeatedly with different combinations, creating and testing hypothesis, handling customer queries, keeping them satisfied and yet continuing to expand your business is what makes entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs.

Sometimes other people might not understand what drives entrepreneurs to continue to pour their hearts out in their business idea.  But the one thing which drives entrepreneurs to continue to keep moving is the belief in their product or idea and that they can make a difference.

You will always find a cause behind every small business that is doing great. Their inspiring story is what brings them the customers, their service is what brings them the brand loyalty and their vision is what helps their business grow.


Most entrepreneurs believe in the mantra that “with perseverance and hardwork, they will succeed.”  What’s your mantra?