How To Avoid Burnout

By Jerry | Business Tips

Aug 15

‘Feeling the burn’ might mean something positive when it comes to physical fitness, but don’t wait until it happens to you as you’re handling your part-time business. Burnout phases are real and can derail any and all progress in your entrepreneurial endeavors.


It’s understandable to feel like you can take on every single task when you’re starting your part-time business. The thrill and possibilities can give you immeasurable energy. Many entrepreneurs fail to keep this enthusiasm in check and they end up taking on more than they can handle. This is when burnout typically strikes.

Avoiding burnout isn’t as difficult as you think. The feeling of constant exhaustion will soon be a thing of the past if you follow these quick tips:


1.    Find a coach, mentor, or business confidant.

When you begin to feel the edge of burnout, reach out to a trusted mentor or confidant. Even if it’s just over a short video chat or meet-up for coffee, a talk with someone who can offer guidance can make a big difference. No coach or mentor? Join your local business groups and network! It’s great for your personal and professional growth.


2.    Make sure you do at least one thing every day that makes you happy.

Do you know those little things that make you smile? It could be a short trip to the supermarket, a run with your dog or a quick playthrough of your favorite game. Whatever it is, fit it into your schedule and make sure that you follow through. A good mood is sure to change your outlook.


3.    Don’t forget to take a break.

Managing a part-time business while juggling a corporate job might make it more challenging to schedule a break. This doesn’t mean that you should shelve it altogether. If it’s impossible to make room for a full day off, make the most of a 1-hour break by turning off all your screens and “recharging”. The difference in your mindset can even result in new ideas!