Google Docs for Your Small Business

By Jerry | Business Tools

Jan 05

Every day, more and more businesses are choosing Google Docs over Microsoft Office. The price point alone is a big plus (it’s free!) but there are several other reasons why your business should shift to Google Docs. Aside from the free word processor, spreadsheet, presentation app and others, everything is stored online and easily shared to desktops, phones, tablets and more.


Start-ups should prioritize minimizing costs as much as possible and using Google Docs is a great step forward. No more worrying about storage concerns and backups since Google does this for you. If you use Gmail then you’re already able to go ahead and create, save and share your documents!

1.    Collaboration, Collaboration, Collaboration.

Since everything is already online, collaborating with different team members or even an entire group is as easy as inviting them to the document. Do you want them to simply view the document without allowing them to edit it? It’s easy to set specific permissions for selected users and choose whether they can edit documents. Many users can even view and edit these documents at the same time, regardless of whether they’re in your office network or not. You can even chat with whoever’s viewing the document in real time.


2.    Clients still using Microsoft Office? No worries.

You can easily save your work as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and Powerpoint presentations so worries about having to convert your output are non-existent. While Google Docs might not have the full suite of features that Microsoft Office offers, it’s still very powerful in its own right.


3.    Easy organization with folders.

Having multiple files in your dashboard might soon get out of hand. When things are starting to look messy, you can create folders for easy organization just like you could do on your desktop. Sharing whole folders for entire projects is easy as well.


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