Freelancing Basics for Pinoys

By Jerry | Part-time Business Ideas

Sep 07

Right now, Pinoys are one of the most sought after freelancers online. Whether they’re web developers, graphic designers, writers or other professionals, it’s common to find many Filipinos dominating the freelance marketplace. If you’re interested in becoming a freelancer, then these tips are sure to help you:


1.    Brainstorm what skills you can use for freelancing.

No matter what field you’re in, you can use it as an online freelancer. What’s your educational background? Any creative hobbies? What responsibilities did you have in your previous company? Chances are high that you could use that to your advantage. If you use Excel a lot, you can work in Data Entry. If you’re a master at multiple social media networks, then you can become a Social Media Manager.


2.    Compute your rates.

Many Pinoy freelancers tend to be confused about their rates. Due to the competition, they tend to publish a rate that’s much lower than they actually should. Know your value and do your research. If you are a professional in your field, then charge professional rates. This will weed out the clients who care more about saving than with having quality work.


3.    Create professional profiles on freelancing websites.

There is a great number of websites that you can set up shop in: Freelancer, oDesk, eLance and more. It might be difficult to grab clients at first since there are a lot of other bidders who offer very little for their work, but remember that there are clients who are looking for quality work. Take exams to boost your profile, add your portfolio of previous work and market yourself. Once you get the ball rolling, you might even have to say no to some clients since you’re too busy!


4.    Stick to your schedule.

Working at home means you have a lot more time for work–and a lot more time for slacking off. It might be difficult to form a schedule at first but you need to treat your freelancing gigs like your office job. Stay away from distractions and make sure to submit your work on time!