Efficiency Tips for Part-Time Entrepreneurs

By Jerry | Business Tools

Feb 05

It’s easy to dig yourself into a hole with bad work habits or inefficient time management when you’re juggling a part-time business while having a career. Digging yourself out of that same hole might seem challenging but with these tips, you can revitalize and refocus your business to operate with optimum efficiency.


1.    Have a clear plan.

Whether you’re working on your part-time business by yourself or you have a team to support you, it’s crucial to have a clear plan and that everyone understands it. List down all the necessary steps to take in order to reach your goals. As you go along, it’ll be easy to modify it so that you can minimize any unpleasant surprises or misunderstandings between you and your employees.


2.    Don’t rely on email/text messages when you can call.

It might seem quicker to type out an email or communicate via text message but it’s been proven to draw out conversations that could have been settled with a short call. Plus, it just feels more personal and meaningful to call someone.


3. Automate every business process that you can.

When you find yourself doing a lot of the same tasks over and over, it’s time to look into automating your process. This is common with marketing tasks and might mean investing in software or other means to speed up these processes. You will then be able to focus on parts of your business that a computer can’t do on their own, like making important decisions or coming up with ideas.


4. Outsource other tasks.

Let’s face it: there will be some parts of the business that you won’t be able to handle since you have a career or maybe you don’t have the know-how to properly handle a task. Outsourcing is very efficient and practical in today’s age and it’s easy to work out trial runs for potential freelance workers.