Why Customer Follow-up Is Important

By Jerry | Sales & Marketing Hacks

Jul 18

A sales or a sales opportunity doesn’t end once the customer leaves the room. Whether they bought your product or not, a good sales person will always follow up with the customer. The sales cycle does not end with an actual purchase. It continues on to a follow up.


Why is follow up important? Here are some reasons.

  1. Follow ups make your customers feel important.

Customers don’t want to be considered as mere statistics or as just another sale. Every customer wants to be treated as if they are the only customer to your business. Follow ups tell your customers that you are serious about their business and that you value them. A follow up phone call, email or direct mailer will always be appreciated.


  1. Follow ups show that you care.

When you follow up with an existing customer, ask about their experience with your product. Ask for feedback even when you think they might be dissatisfied. Feedback, both good and bad, are beneficial for your business. It will help you grow and improve. Also, when you ask your customers for their opinion, it shows that you care about their needs.

If feedback is negative, accept it and don’t be angry. Ask your customer for the reasons why he or she is not satisfied with the product or service. Be emphatic and do your best to resolve the issue.


  1. Follow ups create more sales opportunities.

After the initial meeting, you will get two results – either a sale or an undecided customer. Follow ups are the perfect opportunity to convert an undecided customer. It’s also perfect to offer additional products and services to the customer who already bought your product.

If the customer is still undecided, ask them if there was any issue with the products they saw. Or if they have any other questions which you can answer.

If the customer has bought your product already, when you follow up, offer them any upgrades or additional products that will make the one they bought better. You can also ask them for referrals.

Just remember that before your customer leaves your store, make it clear to them you will follow up. The law doesn’t prohibit follow ups no matter how many they are. When your customer leaves your store, continue your relationship with them through follow ups.

Follow up is a great marketing tool that with proper training can achieve increased sales for your business. There are many ways to follow up with a customer and one of them is via telemarketing. Just make sure that you are sincere in your follow ups and your telemarketer has great communication skills and training.