How To Create Effective Marketing Ads

By Jerry | Business Tools

Feb 16

In today’s highly competitive environment, it is crucial to effectively reach your target market. To do that, you have to create an effective sales pitch that can hook your customers. But before you go ahead and create your next web page, sales letter or ad, pause for a while and ask yourself these important marketing questions so you’d achieve higher results.

Question 1: Who is your target?

You have to know exactly who your target audience is. What do they like? What are their interests? How can you relate to their needs? Study the characteristics of your ideal reader. Doing so will enable you to create an effective sales message that will speak to them and convince them your product or service is worth buying.


Question 2: What do you want your reader to do?

Determine the goal of your sales copy. Do you want your readers to buy immediately from you? Do you want them to simply be aware of your existence? Do you want to educate them of the options available? Write your sales copy according to the action you want your readers to make after reading it.


Question 3: What separates you from your competitors?

Every business has a competitor and your readers are more likely deciding which of you offers a better solution. In writing an effective sales copy, you have to think about what sets you apart from your competitors. Do you offer faster service or better results? Do you give them a personalized experience? Think of what makes your product or service better than the competition. It should occupy about half of your advertising space. Keep a close eye on the competition and make sure to constantly update your sales pitch to maintain your competitive edge.


Question 4: What supports your claims?

You don’t believe everything you hear and neither will your customers. Don’t expect them to believe your ads through blind faith. Gather testimonials from your currently satisfied clients. Back up your claims with reliable research and statistics. Find a reputable person to endorse your products. Don’t expect your customers to believe everything you say without proof.


Question 5: How do you make your readers act?

An effective sales pitch will always have a call to action at the end. Readers are procrastinators. Even if they are engaged with your ad, if you don’t spur them to action, they’ll forget it the moment they walk away. For example, if you ad tells your customers they’ll get 25% off if they purchase by Saturday, then they won’t wait until Sunday to make their purchase. Give them a deadline and expect that they’ll decide by that time. A deadline gives your readers motivation to act on your ad.


You don’t need a new sales ad every time. You can always recycle those that are proven effective. A great and motivating sales copy doesn’t have to be written by professionals. You can create your own by following the marketing questions above and watch your business turn for the better.