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Jan 10

#6 – Learn from your Competitors

By Jerry | Jerry's Notes

Visit the branches and the website of your major competitors EVERY 6 MONTHS. Inquire about their products and services, gauge the knowledge of their sales staffs and feel the ambiance of their store. Look at their current promos and buy from them. Experience first-hand how it feels like to be their customer. You can learn […]

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Jan 08

#4 – Make Your Commute Time Productive

By Jerry | Jerry's Notes

Happy Sunday Leapreneurs! Here’s my notes for today. 🙂 Traffic jam is an inevitable part of our lives. You can either complain about it or use it to become productive. On our way to our farm yesterday, a bad traffic greeted us in SLEX (see picture below). Initially, I was upset (who wouldn’t?)! But after […]

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Jan 07

#3 – Location is Really Key

By dickburge5273 | Jerry's Notes

You have probably heard the old advice to focus on “Location, Location, Location!” many times in the past when choosing a location for your business. If you have an online business or a B2B business, your location does not matter much. However, in a retail/service business like ours, I couldn’t agree more! A few months […]

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