Sep 07

Freelancing Basics for Pinoys

By Jerry | Part-time Business Ideas

Right now, Pinoys are one of the most sought after freelancers online. Whether they’re web developers, graphic designers, writers or other professionals, it’s common to find many Filipinos dominating the freelance marketplace. If you’re interested in becoming a freelancer, then these tips are sure to help you:   1.    Brainstorm what skills you can use […]

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Aug 15

How To Avoid Burnout

By Jerry | Business Tips

‘Feeling the burn’ might mean something positive when it comes to physical fitness, but don’t wait until it happens to you as you’re handling your part-time business. Burnout phases are real and can derail any and all progress in your entrepreneurial endeavors.   It’s understandable to feel like you can take on every single task […]

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Apr 05

Importance of Credibility for Entrepreneurs

By Jerry | Business Tips

How do you get people to always follow you no matter what? You have to be credible. Credible people are trustworthy and even when those around them do not understand what they’re doing, they will still follow because the person is credible. A business will be successful if it is credible. Customers will always patronize […]

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Mar 29

Social Media 101

By Jerry | Sales & Marketing Hacks

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the term “social media”? Is it Facebook? Twitter? YouTube? You might be a bit surprised to learn that social media isn’t contained to networking sites like those. Social media is all about the interaction of several groups of people using tools specifically made for communication. […]

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