Beware of Fear #MotivationMonday

By jesssheahan185 | Inspirations

Jan 18

They say d
on’t make promises when you are happy and don’t make decisions when you are angry. For starting entrepreneur, we say don’t make decisions based on fear. This should be self explanatory.

The right kind of fear is okay. It makes a person humble and teachable. But putting relying on fear to make decisions is dangerous. Fear won’t get you anywhere, but courage will. Enthusiasm, positive disposition and faith are foundations of success in life and in business.

Psychologists say fear is the product of imagination designed to torment one’s self. As the author Katherine Paterson once said: “To fear is one thing. To let fear grab you by the tail and swing you around is another.”

As an aspiring entrepreneur, be sure to train yourself to make decisions based on facts and courage.