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Jun 06

6 Tips on Starting a Restaurant Business

By dickburge5273 | Mentoring

Starting a restaurant business may not be easy, just like any other businesses. It requires intensive planning — and yes, a lot of money. Setting it up can be quite tricky, but it can also be a very promising venture — especially when done right. Here are the 6 tips on starting a restaurant business from our #MentoringMonday session […]

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May 11

3 Steps to Get Social Media Influencers

By dickburge5273 | Inspirations

The most common way to promote a product or business is through getting famed endorsers such as celebrities or bloggers. Bigger companies, especially here in  the Philippines, love to get artists who already have huge fan base such as the famous AlDub and JaDine loveteams.  In fact, McDonald’s joined the phenomenal AlDub (Alden Richards and Maine […]

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