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Apr 28

One Step at A Time

By dickburge5273 | Inspirations

Success doesn’t come over night. It happens one step at a time. Setting smaller goals allows you to complete your tasks faster and accurately. The smaller the steps, the more progress you get. It makes your goal more manageable and easier to accomplish. It keeps you focused. And most importantly, it helps you achieve that big accomplishment […]

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Apr 27

Make Small Achievements Count

By dickburge5273 | Inspirations

Sometimes, we are too obsessed in achieving great things, that we forget to make the small achievements count. Sadly, we fail to appreciate these small success. And at the end of the day, we feel demotivated because we think we completely failed. But this wouldn’t be the case if we learn to pay attention to our small achievements. […]

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Apr 21

How to Register Your Trademark with IPO in 9 Steps

By dickburge5273 | Business Tips , Starting A Business

HOW TO REGISTER YOUR TRADEMARK A Step-by-Step Guide for Entrepreneurs   In the Philippines, there is an agency responsible for handling registrations to secure Intellectual Property rights – the Intellectual Property Office (IPO).  This agency makes sure that you own your creations with the right to advertise and sell them under Philippine Laws. For entrepreneurs, these […]

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Apr 20

How Do You Measure Success

By dickburge5273 | Inspirations

How do you measure success? Is it measured by increase in sales? More orders coming in Or perhaps, happy customers? Well most of time, we tend to forget to appreciate our little accomplishments, because we are too absorbed of winning bigger battles. But that shouldn’t be the case. Success, no matter how big or small, is still success. That […]

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Apr 13

The Little Things

By dickburge5273 | Inspirations

The little things that often get unnoticed are actually the ones with greater impact. In business, these little things make a big difference. Whether its a simple client visit or pleasing a customer for a wonderful service, it still make a lot of difference. We always tend to overlook these little wins just because they don’t […]

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Apr 11

How To Start A Business

By dickburge5273 | Starting A Business

In the first session of #MentoringMonday, John Chung addressed the concerns and inquiries of the Leapreneur Community on the topic how to start a business. About the Mentor Having started several successful businesses himself, John is definitely a pro in starting a business.  He is the owner of Acquasuisse Perfume Bar and currently the vice-president for […]

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Apr 09

Looking for a Business Mentor

By dickburge5273 | Mentoring

Are you looking for a business mentor? Well, here’s a piece  of good news for you Leapreneurs! As part of our initiative to help our members on their way towards successful entrepreneurship experience, we bring to you, #MentoringMonday. This is a weekly activity, wherein members can seek business advice from our guest mentors — for […]

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