A Taste of Success in Catering

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Oct 28

Do you have a flair for throwing fantastic parties? Have you been hosting dinner parties for friends and family for every special occasion? If yes, running a catering business might be your next career move! Food catering is undeniably an exciting business for self-proclaimed foodies, but just like any other businesses, passion for food isn’t enough to succeed as it takes proper business planning — from organizing schedules and budgets, advertising your services to customers and handling your staffs.


Unleashing the Inner Chef

Fueled with genuine interest and passion for food, Josefina Tanyag (48) decided to take her culinary hobby into a fledging business in 2014.


Queen’s Delight Catering Services is a product of Josefina’s childhood dream, which is to offer new creative recipes and design the perfect menu to hundreds of people to various special occasions. After working as a soft drinks distributor for 5 years, she leveraged her skill and passion in cooking into business opportunity.


Penetrating the market and competing with established caterers is a big challenge. Josefina was lucky enough to be mentored by her aunt who has been in the catering industry for 12 years. Her aunt taught her some of the family’s original recipes that helped her to get started.


To get your catering services noticed, Josefina recommends one to join associations and network with venue organizers, event planners and wedding coordinators. There are so many inexpensive ways to market your catering services. Look for well-attended meetups and reach out to their organizers in case they need someone to sponsor the gathering.  A great food presentation should also reflect in your menus, brochures, letterhead and other print items that you send to your clients.


Best Tasting Food and Worry Free Parties

To be a successful caterer, one should not be discouraged to start small. Josefina started catering for small dinners and parties for 30-50 people. For starters, you can rent the kitchen equipment you need for a specific event to reduce costs. She shared that being organized is key in order to thrive in the business. Everything must be planned up to the tiniest detail from the utensils, key ingredients, tables, linens and decorations. As a caterer, you must anticipate problems that may arise such as who’s going to back up your head cook if he’s sick, the last – minute event cancellations and what sorts of alternatives can you offer if the food in the menu is not available.

Catering Table

Impress your dinner guests with elegant decoration and centerpieces



With so many caterers, how does one stay ahead of the competition? Josefina offers dishes made from original family recipe that was passed from generation to generation. She stressed that each recipe must be perfected and tested. As part of the event planning process, make sure to create a great impression by providing superior quality and taste to the qualified leads. Remember, no amount of advertising can replace a good recommendation from a happy client.


“It takes a lot of trial and error. Does it taste good and easy to serve? Kaya ba i-prepare in large quantities or can it travel without getting spoiled easily? ‘Yun yung mga dapat i-consider”, she said.


In just 2 years in the catering industry, Josefina has learned the ins and outs of the business.  Customer service, patience and hospitality is vital in catering a successful event. You’ll be working closely with your client in designing the perfect menu from the entrees, main course, desserts and beverages. Catering requires flexibility as cooking methods may need to be adjusted depending on the clients’ preferences or dietary requirements.

Dessert Buffet

Customized dessert and candy buffet set-ups for your special occasion


The Sweet Success

Josefina has remained enthusiastic and proactive especially during the busiest times of the year.  Catering involves working long hours which demands patience and motivation.  Her perseverance has helped in growing her catering services substantially.


“Per month, I am happy to get an average of 10 clients na, ‘pag December, there are 2 to 3 events per day,” she recalled.


From small dinners and parties, Josefina’s catering services can handle up to 1000 heads and caters to big social events like weddings, debut and corporate events. Queen’s Delight Catering Services hit a major milestone when she was contacted by a well-known bank for a prestigious event attended by over 1000 guests. She attributes their success to a secret family recipe that she hopes to preserve in the succeeding years, the beef pot roast.


“We have expanded our services from simple menus of chicken, pasta, beef, and vegetables to dessert buffet and mobile bar. Our pavilion can now accommodate up to 250 guests. It’s fulfilling to help my clients in creating an unforgettable event”, she said.


Mobile Bar Catering

Drink’s by Queen at The Voice Kids Season 2 After Party


Following her passion, Josefina has made an indelible mark in the food scene. Queen’s Delight Catering Services was awarded as the top catering service in Taguig for the exemplary service and food quality. Josefina gives back to the community by hosting a charity event and providing food for the homeless every Christmas. Truly, she never fails to look back and stay grounded.

Top Catering Service

Philippine Top Choice Awards For Excellence


Planning a big event? Serve your guests with bold flavors and amazing cuisines made from Queen’s Delight Catering Services finest ingredients! Visit their website for inquiries: http://queensdelight.wixsite.com/queensdelight

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