#9 – Give Your Employees What They Deserve

By dickburge5273 | Jerry's Notes

Jan 13

While I was processing the payroll of our staffs today, I realized how long it’s been… 11 years and counting since I started my company.

Throughout those 11 years, I’ve processed more than P100M in payroll expenses.

In some of those months, it was easy peasy. But there were also instances when we were scrambling where to get the cash for the payroll.

However, all those time, I’m proud to say that our employees get their pay ON TIME, all the time!

Unlike in their previous work, our employees also don’t experience unexplained deductions, unpaid overtime, and other inefficiencies (or malpractice?) of other small companies of our size.

So, be fair to your employees and give them what they deserve, prioritize their payroll and never delay it, ever!

As entrepreneurs, I believe it’s the least that we can do for our employees who work so hard to help us grow our business.

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