#8 – Fire Fast

By dickburge5273 | Jerry's Notes

Jan 12

One of the most difficult decisions I had to make as an entrepreneur is firing an employee.

I felt that I had to give him a second chance, then if he still failed, maybe a third one and then a fourth one… until such time it was unbearable already.

It’s a very difficult emotional dilemma because after all, that employee has a family to feed and I felt responsible for them…

But after years of doing it, I realized that giving multiple chances when you know he’s not the right person anyway, don’t really work! It just wasted the time of both the employee and the company.

In the end, it will still come back to the fact that the employee is not “fit” for the role.

So next time you have an employee that is not “fit” for your company, don’t prolong the agony. Rather than hanging on to something that you know will end anyway, make a decision right away.

Letting him go will free him to find another company where he can shine more, rebuild his self-confidence, and eventually, become happier as a person.

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