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Feb 01

One of the most exciting, yet very challenging, role as an entrepreneur is managing and leading our employees. 💥

As they say, the employees are the greatest asset of a company. But they all need our guidance and support.

We all know that different people have different styles in managing employees.

And when it comes to reprimanding or correcting employee behavior, there’s a thin line between being too strict and being too lenient…

For me, I’ve always used “Himas muna bago batok” principle.

What is that?

Well, it simply means that before I point out the wrong behavior of an employee, I see to it that I praise what he is doing RIGHT first! 😀

Because if we only focus on their mistakes, they might feel worthless as an employee and think that everything they are doing is wrong.

Which is rarely the case, right?

As leaders in our company, we need to recognize that our employees have emotions that we need to take it into consideration too… ❤️

Pointing out what they are doing right will make them feel appreciated and accomplished — which by the way, is a part of the basic psychological needs of any human being.

And in the process, they will be more open to feedback, even negative ones (or rather shall we aptly call it their “improvement areas”).

Based on my 12 years experience in managing employees, I find that this a more effective approach in reprimanding employees.

Afterall, if we want a company that cares to their customers, we need a company that cares for its people first, right?

So next time you need to call out the attention of your employee, don’t forget to “Himas muna bago batok!” 😂

Do you agree with this?

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