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Dec 31

This is my last Note for 2017!

Yesterday, the order of my wife from Amazon arrived at our home in Bicol. 👍

For a time, my wife was worried that it might not arrive in time for New Year because of shipping delays, hahaha! 😂

We really need it though because it included the gift for our son.

Luckily, at around 7pm, somebody knocked at our gate and when we checked it, viola! The delivery person was there!

As she opened the package, she was excited to see her new Matcha set that she is trying lately. ☕️

Then, she showed me a coupon code for the next purchase that is included in the box.

Wow! What a great execution! 👍

While most first-time entrepreneurs put all their effort in getting new customers, experienced ones know that it’s much easier to sell to existing customers than to get new ones.

Thus, this coupon code good for the next purchase is an excellent way to make the customers come back again…

And again…

And again…

In fact, she purchased from 2 suppliers and they both have this kind of “next purchase coupon.”

On the contrary, my wife also buys a lot from local stores here in the Philippines and very seldom do we see this kind of strategy being implemented.

Sayang, di ba? 🤔

How about you? What are you doing to incentivize your customers to keep coming back to you, again and again?

Remember, it’s up to 10x more expensive to get new customers than to sell to existing ones. 😀


Let’s all rock this 2018! 💥

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