6 Tips on How to Build a Website

By dickburge5273 | Business Tips

Jun 30

Since modern consumers are expecting global brands to have online presence, small businesses also need to go with that trend. In fact, without solid web presence, you might lose a huge number of potential customers and the opportunity to expand your business. With that, it’s important that you understand about building a website that is profitable and will best represent your brand in the market. Even our Wednesday Wins winner of the week, Ms. Abbie del Valle, was inspired to create a website for her business. So while you can just hire an experienced web designer to help your achieve you website goals, it’s good that you also have some background on how to do it by yourself (just in case anything goes wrong and your designer isn’t around).


Check out these 6 tips on how you can build your website:


1. Decide on the Most Important Function of your Website

The general purpose of a business site is for you to be able to offer information about your company, products or services, and other informative contents to the consumers. This also serves as the direct platform wherein e-commerce services are provided. That is why it is important that you know which aspect of the website to focus on. You have to match the design of your site to its main function. In that way, you will be able to maximize your efforts on what is really important for your site.


2. Choose an Ideal Domain Name

Domains, in general, are essential in web features available today. It is what your potential and existing customers will use to search you on the Internet. That is why URLs should be kept simple and memorable, to make it easier for the consumers to find you. It is ideal that you use a URL after your company name.

Ex. <your business name> .com


3. Select a Reliable Web Host

A reliable web hosting is very crucial part when building a website. The success of your website will rely on the efficiency of the hosting company you got. It should be able to allow customers to easily access your website anytime of the day, with only a few chances of having down time or none at all.  At the same time, it should be able to handle significant traffic, once huge number of users visits the site. Rates of web hosting services may vary depending on the amount of your monthly data transfers, storage, etc.


4. Create your Contents

What builds up your website are your contents.

Think of contents that can capture the interest of your audience. These must be engaging and highly informative, at the same time, updated regularly. Aside from highlighting your products or services, you can also include articles, info graphics, videos, photos, etc. in your site. Great contents drive more people to visit your website – that is why; it is always good to make some time crafting good ones.


5. Test Your Site

Before you promote your site, you first have to check if the website works well and the contents are intact.

Test the compatibility of your site to the different browsers. You also need to test the other aspects of the website – mostly the technical side of it. With this, you will need the help of your designer web developer for this. Also, check your contents for final revisions before putting the site live. It is important to do all these so it will already be ready for public viewing.


6. Promote Your Site on Search Engines and Social Media

Create traffic on your website by attracting more visitors through the use of social media or search engines. You may do SEO optimization (which can be very technical for those who are not experts) or use social media platforms to promote your website. This allows you to market your site to not just your target market, but also those potential customers who have come across your social media campaigns. At the same time, this will help you keep your website relevant to the public.


Having a website is longer just a trend that one should follow – it is already a necessity that every business should have. It has become a very crucial aspect of business.  For some, a website is a mere marketing effort for the business. But to others, a business, without a website may be considered not existent at all.

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