#56 – Only The First Million

By dickburge5273 | Jerry's Notes

Aug 01

Someone once told me that… ONLY the first million is hard to make.

After you made your first million, things will be a lot easier!

So when I started my business, I set my eyes on getting that milestone.

I didn’t know yet that time how to achieve it, but I believed that it’s possible.

For the first 3 years of my company, I worked very hard and set the right building blocks.

Our sales grew fast every year, but somehow, we never breached THAT amount.

Still… I never took my eyes off that goal.


January 2009 came with all guns blazing!

And suddenly, we are on track to hit our first-ever P1M sales for the month!

I remember how excited I was to realize that we are making history for our company.

I can’t believe that we are finally crossing the once-elusive P1M sales per month!

… And that all the hard work in the past 3 years indeed brought us to that moment!

Right after we achieved it, I called all my employees for a simple victory party at our office.

We had dinner, played games and had FUN to celebrate that HUGE milestone (see picture below).

We knew that after that moment, we will be stronger than ever and noone could stop us!

The P1M mark had finally been broken for the total company…

It’s time to get ready for the next milestone… P1M sales for ONE branch!

How about you?

Which P1M mark are you looking to achieve for your company?

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