# 51 – Make Them Look Good

By dickburge5273 | Jerry's Notes

Jun 27

Do you want to put your brand in the mall?

Yesterday, I posted a photo of our Leapreneur member, Ton, who opened his first-ever branch is SM North Edsa for his company, RedSplash.

For a first-time entrepreneur (and still working on a full-time job), it’s really a big achievement, don’t you think?

Imagine… having a branch in SM, let alone, in one of the top SM malls!

So how did he do it?

Well… nothing anybody can’t do.

He just asked for the contact details of the leasing manager, then submitted his LOI or Letter of Intent.

Then after 2 weeks, he got a call to present his concept. And the following week, got approved!

Those steps are incredibly simple yet more than 90% of entrepreneurs don’t EVEN try it because they fear of being rejected!

Oh, common!

If we don’t ask, the answer will be NO — 100% of the time!

So we got to at least try, right?!

In addition, aside from those incredibly simple steps, I think these 3 things sealed the deal:

1. His concept is quite unique, e.g. Hugot lines in the drinks with unique flavors (not the usual fruit juices).

2. He prepared well for it. He hired his friend to design a beautiful mock up of the kiosk (that will add to the customer experience of the shoppers).

3. He put in the pictures of customers from his past trade fairs and bazaars to make him more credible.

We have to remember that malls like SM is also looking for unique and interesting concepts that will help them look good on their shoppers.

That’s their motivation in accepting your offer to lease their space!

So, out of thousands of applications that they receive every month, you have to stand out from the rest and make your product the best “pogi points” they can ever get for their own shoppers.

If you do that, you will get the most coveted pass to open branches in the prestigious malls all around the country!

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