# 50 – Importance of Check and Balance

By dickburge5273 | Jerry's Notes

Jun 14
IT’S been a while since I shared my last JerrysNotes. Pasensya na… I got sooo busy in the past few weeks.

But things are getting back to normal now, so here’s the next note…

As entrepreneurs, we normally have the best intentions for our employees.

We want to build a culture of trust and a family-like relationship with them.

That’s understable, especially if you have a few employees and most of them have been been with you since the start.

Because of this, we don’t realize that after a while, we already go overboard and we trust our employees way too much…

We then take for granted putting in proper controls, and checks and balances, because we “know” they will not take advantage anyway…

Then one day, we wake with a bad news that our most trusted employee stole money or stocks from us…

Awwww! It hurts!

We then ask ourselves, “Why?!!!”

And more often than not, the reason is simply because…

“We have given them the opportunity to do it!”

Sabi nga nila “Ang taong nagigipit, kahit sa patalim, kumakapit!”

So always put in the proper checks and balances, not because you don’t trust them, but rather, because you WANT them to STAY GOOD!”

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