5 Must have Plug-Ins for your Website

By dickburge5273 | Business Tools

Jun 28

Websites have taken a very important role in business. Nowadays, customers are likely to check out the website of an establishment/business, even before they check out the physical store. Good thing there are various platforms available that help users build their own website, such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Weebly, etc.

WordPress is the most commonly used website creation tool. One of it’s best features is the versatility of its function, with the use of plug-ins. These plug-ins allow users to customize their site without touching the technical side of website developing (coding). All that has to be done is to download the plug in and install it in your site.

Here are the top 5 suggested plug ins for your website from our #MentoringMonday guest mentor, Ms. Jans Mendoza:


1. Akismet 

AkismetAkismet, which comes form the words Automatic Kismet, is an advanced anti-spam service that analyzes data in real time, from millions of site and community. This plug-in automatically filters comments that looks like spams, at the same time, allows moderators see the number of approved comments for each user. It also shows URLs in the comment body which reveals hidden or misleading links. Plus, it helps users save space on their disks which speeds up their sites.


2. Wordfence 

Wordfence is a threat defense plugin that keeps your website Akismetsafe from being hacked. It gives real-time visibility into malicious traffic and alerts the user of attempted hacking. It also has a firewall that blocks common security like fake Googlebots or any malicious scans from hackers.



3. Sucuri Security


Sucuri Security is a free plug-in for WordPress that allows the Akismetuser to look into the changes that is being done in the website. One of its best security feature is the CloudProxy, a website firewall designed to give the best security protection for websites. However, CloudProxy is an additional feature of Sucuri which is not for free.



4. Fast and Secure Contact Form

Fast and Secure Contact Form allows users to create and add forms to AkismetWordPress, easily. The contact form lets users send emails of meeting requests, via phone or video to admins of sites. It also includes security support of Akismet and CAPTCHA, which blocks all automated spammers.

5. Backupbuddy

A must have tool for every blogger, BackupBuddy has a backup and Akismetrestore feature that allows users to easily move from WordPress site to a new host or domain. It gives the users an access to their real-time backup storage system, Stash Live, where changes in WordPress posts, pages, media, themes, and plug-ins will be automatically stored. It also enables the user to view contents of text-based files such as .php, .html, .htaccess, etc., and restore individuals files to their original locations.


Plug-ins are more than just add-ons — they make your website look and work better. You can actually do almost anything in your site with the help of these extensions – from customizing the look, to securing the website from external threats. There are many other plug-ins you can choose from, depending on the need of your website. Just make sure to get these plug-ins from trusted providers with good reviews of other users.

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