#46 – Don’t Ask Discounts From Startups

By dickburge5273 | Jerry's Notes

Apr 27

Yesterday, we presented our product to the CEO of an outsourcing company.

They are handling the payroll of more than 100,000 client employees, on top of other services they are offering.

We discussed what our product can do and shared case studies on how other companies are benefitting from it.

As it turned out, they have been looking for a similar solution for quite some time now.

I told myself, “Yes! That’s what I’m hoping to hear!”

So they plan to use our system on their messengers, sales people, other field employees.

They also said they will offer our product to their big clients who are also looking for a similar solution.

I said to myself, “Yes, that’s what I’m praying for!”

Now comes the “much-anticipated” price discussion.

She asked how much and we then showed our standard price. You know, that standard price that has some “leeway” for discounts for big clients…

We admit the CEO has the perfect leverage to ask for discounts given their size and the referrals they will make for us.

But she said something I didn’t totally expect!

She said, “Great! We will try your product and if the results are what we hope for, we will pay you the full price.”

“I don’t ask discounts from startups. I know how hard you guys work and you deserve every peso of your price!”

Wow! I was stunned! It’s my first time to heard that from a CEO, since we established our startup 5 years ago!

Many big companies want your arm and leg for FREE! They want to squeze every cent they can get until you have nothing to bleed…

That’s why it’s such a refreshing feeling to know that there are still CEOs out there who value the hardwork of startups and recognize that we need some help…

And the least that they can do to support us is pay for a FAIR price.

Do you have similar experiences with your clients? Please share your thoughts below.

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