#45 – Build Relationships Before You Need Them

By dickburge5273 | Jerry's Notes

Apr 25

For us to be successful in business (as well as in life in general), we need other people to help us achieve our goals.

We need employees, we need suppliers, we need customers, we need mentors, we need opportunities to grow our business, and we also need friends.

And oftentimes, what stands between us and a wonderful opportunity is our relationship with a VIP (or Very Important Person).

So instead of scrambling and panicking because we don’t have a good relationship with that VIP, we should have started building it even before we need them.

As they say, “You don’t dig a well when you are already thirsty.”

You do that way before so that when you become thirsty, the water will already be waiting for you!

So how should you start?

By helping other people achieve their own goals!

Attend events and meet people who you can help. Have a chat over coffee and be genuinely interested in helping them become successful.

Give more than you take.

And before you know it, you have helped so many people who are then insisting that they return the favor.

Now, when you need something, you know that someone is just a phone call or coffee chat away.

You may or may not need all their help. But at the very least, you’ve gained friends and made people happy.

I think that’s the best and lasting consolation you can ever get as a person, isn’t it?

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