#41 – Leave Personal Problems at Home

By dickburge5273 | Jerry's Notes

Mar 30

I often hear other people say that “employees should leave their personal issues at home.”

And whatever their family problems are, they should just focus on their work and not be affected during working hours!”


I think as former employees and now turned entrepreneurs, we can do better than that! Don’t you think?

Afterall, our employees are but humans who have hearts and who can’t help but worry about their sick child at home or think about the arguments they had with their spouse that very morning…

Asking them to leave their personal problems at home and not be affected, is like asking them to ACT LIKE ROBOTS that have no feelings or concern for their family.

Yes, I know they are paid during those working hours.

But I think the least that we can do is give them some slack and support them during that moment when they needed it the most.

It’s during that time that they will know if your company is like many others who just focus on efficiency and profits, nothing more!

And when things are finally sorted out, I believe that you have just earned a loyal employee…

Because they know for a fact, that they have a leader and a company that UNDERSTANDS them and that TRULY CARES for its people.

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