#40 – Loss of Trust and Confidence

By dickburge5273 | Jerry's Notes

Mar 27

In business (and also in our personal lives), it’s very important that we have the full trust and confidence of each other.

That’s why I always tell my employees, “You have my trust the moment I hired you, but please don’t ever break it, EVER!”

“I will not always be there to check and review all the things you do but I TRUST that you are doing what is right.”

That’s why when they dip their fingers into the company’s coffers or blatantly lie to me, they need to go!

It doesn’t matter if they get P1, P1,000, or P100,000. The fact is, they got something that is not theirs, so it’s a breach of trust.

And when that trust is broken, it’s going to be so hard to bring it back again. And without trust, working effectively is almost impossible.

So no matter how good the person is, how long they have been with the company and how painful the transition will be, we must go our separate ways.

I can forgive mediocre work, but when it comes to loss of trust and confidence, I believe there should be no second chances!

Have employees broken your trust? What did you do? Please share your comment below.

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