#37 – Take a Break

By dickburge5273 | Jerry's Notes

Mar 16

Yes, we need to find more customers, explore partnerships, fix the broken processes, train our employees…

We need to do this and do that ASAP or else we might lose customers.

There’s so many things to do in such a short period of time. Oh, we even forgot that other important project of ours that we need to start soon…

But wait! Did you also forget to take a break?

Most entrepreneurs fall into the trap of being so engrossed in their respective businesses that they forget to take even just a brief pause to relax and enjoy life!

It’s sad that they miss attending family reunions, bonding moments with friends, or simply chilling out and relaxing.

No matter how busy me and my wife are, we always strive to watch a movie every Friday and have a massage on Saturdays.

Afterall, as entrepreneurs, we should never forget that WE ARE THE ONES IN THE DRIVING SEAT!

We can opt for 160km/hr or we can choose to go slower at 80km/hr.

And we can always have a stop-over anytime we want (or need) and just enjoy the scenery…

What about you? How are you taking a break from your business?

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