#35 – Incentivize the Influencer

By dickburge5273 | Jerry's Notes

Mar 09

Some of you know that I got busy with the iNest in the past few months.

I was heavily involved in the design,
planning, and construction of our rooms there, including buying the construction materials.

Of course, since I know little which brands are good, I often rely on the recommendation of my contractor.

In business, he is called influencer.

Influencers are those person/s whose perspectives are important and valued by the decision-maker.

So when it came to buying the paints, I initially thought of buying Davies since it’s the only brand I know.

But my painter recommended another brand, “A-Plus.” He said that it’s cheaper and it’s good quality.

Having no experience about it, I followed his advice.

After I bought the paints, I asked the painter to mix it in front of me so I can see how the actual color looks like.

As he was mixing it, I observed that he was trying to dig for something at the bottom of the paint bucket.

And after 15 seconds of trying, he hesitatingly pulled up a plastic soaked with paint.

Guess what was inside the plastic?

It’s two P5 coins!

I asked myself, “What the hell was that doing in the paint?”

We opened 2 more paints and we got P10 and the other P20! There’s really money in the paints!

He even shared with me that he know someone who got P1,000 inside the plastic!

No wonder, the painter is recommending that brand!

But I must admit, I would never have thought of putting money inside the paint bucket. Have you? 🙂

So, how are you incentivizing the influencers to recommend your product or service to the decision maker (and not your competitor’s)?

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