3 Steps to Get Social Media Influencers

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May 11

The most common way to promote a product or business is through getting famed endorsers such as celebrities or bloggers. Bigger companies, especially here in  the Philippines, love to get artists who already have huge fan base such as the famous AlDub and JaDine loveteams.  In fact, McDonald’s joined the phenomenal AlDub (Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza a.k.a Yaya Dub) bandwagon when the duo shot to stardom late last year. McDo’s move in getting the tandem as their endorsers led to 470% increase in sales, after they released a commercial featuring the two. Now that’s a huge surge of sales huh – thanks to the AlDub nation. 

3 Steps To Get Social Media Influencers

However, not all businesses can afford AlDub or JaDine, or any celebs as endorsers. Perhaps, their talent fees alone would cost hundreds of thousands. And if you think of it, ad production can be costly too. So you might be thinking, how to get these “influencers” to endorse your product/business without shelving too much from your pocket? Here are three easy steps on how to get endorsers, inspired by our WednesdayWins winner, Ms. Emily Opida.

1. Search for the Right Ambassador –  It all starts in searching for the right people you want to embody your brand. You will have to sort out these celebrities or bloggers whom you think will be good brand ambassadors, and not just a mere face to get you known. Remember, they will be your representative for your business. Celebrities and bloggers can be your ticket to a bigger market, but they lead you to the wrong path too. So choose wisely.

2. Reach Out – Now that you found the right personality for your brand, you will have to find his/her contact number or email address. But the easiest way to contact them would be through their social media accounts. You can send them a private message in Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, with your pitch about your product and why you chose him/her to do the endorsement. Remember, don’t ever flood them with messages, that may just turn them-off.

3. Give Out Samples – If you have succeeded in contacting the blogger or celebrity, and end up with a deal then it’s time to send out some samples of your product (or GCs if you are offering service). Of course, who in the right mind would promote something they haven’t even tried, right? That is why it is important that you leave a good impression to them.

Make your package standout. Remember, nice things can really do magic so give them something worth posting in their social media accounts. Some artist prefer posting the gifts in their Instagram accounts — and they can be so obsessed in getting that “Instagrammable photo for their feeds. So aim for that Instagram worthy look for your packaging.

Now that you’ve finally sent out the items to these influencers, all you have to do is wait until they post something about it in their social media accounts. Once they do, then it’s time to give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.


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